Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Self Service Portal - Preview

We have listened to our customers and are soon shipping Specops Self Service Portal. It's a portal where the user can request applications without contacting the helpdesk, with a built-in workflow for approval of the requests when needed.

The user is using the Self Service Portal (SSP) and can see all the applications that user has access to request. As you can see, Windows 8 required approval. The other apps will be installed at once.

The user is requesting Windows 8 and will then have to specify which computer he would like to have it installed on. And makes it possible to type a message to the approving manager.

A user can only request applications to a PC he is "owner of" (we use the ManagedBy attribute in AD), which can be populated automatically by Specops (more info on that tomorrow).

All approving managers for that Unit gets an email notifying him that there is a pending request.

The manager can then Approve or Decline the request.

As soon as the request is approved, a remote GPUpdate will be triggered on the client starting the installation within seconds. And of course, if the application is free (no approval needed) the installation will also start at once.
No more delays for the users, waiting for helpdesk to approve the request!

I showed in yesterdays post a screenshot showing how a user can request (if allowed) a reinstallation of the PC, which will of course also reinstall all applications according to the Specops Deploy policies.

Release is scheduled within the next few weeks. 
Contact your Sales contact at Specops for license and price information.

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