Thursday, February 9, 2012

Self Service Portal - ManagedBy Feature - Preview

The Specops Self Service Portal makes it possible for the user to request and deploy applications or other services to users and computers without contacting the helpdesk.

But for a user to be able to request something to that users PC, the user has to be the "owner" of that client. The reason is that we don't want to risk that Sylvester is ordering applications to Arnolds PC, right?

So we are using this attribute in AD to control who's the owner/manager of a PC.

But, we don't expect you to have that information populated for all your clients. And if you do have it populated, how accurate is the information?

To make life easier for our fellow admins, our developers have made it possible to automatically keep that information up to date. There are a few new Group Policies that can be configured in Specops Deploy 4.6 which makes it possible to control what criteria has to be fulfilled before a user can be owner of a client.

The GPO can be configured to use the last logged on user or the most frequent user in the last X days.

And, there is also a policy controlling which users can become owner.

Both these policies are disabled by default.

A good idea is to enable this setting for your normal user accounts. But, disable it for your "Client IT Admins" group. Or else, it's possible that the IT Staff members will become owner of clients when they are logging on and helping fellow users.

Consider this scenario. An IT Staff member installs a client, logs on 3 time times to configure some applications. The PC is then delivered to a user. That user will now have to logon at least 4 times until that user is Owner and can request additional applications or services to that PC.

So by creating a GPO that is preventing the IT Staff member from being able to become owner, that client will not have a MangedBy/Owner when the PC is delivered to the user and the user will instantly become Owner and can order any missing apps and services at once.

This whole process is handled by the Specops Deploy CSE (version 4.6 and forward), so it need to be deployed to your clients.

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